The challenge in our modern business world is to achieve success and satisfaction in our chosen careers. This pursuit can lead to excessive tension and high stress levels which when combined can undermine a persons efficiency. We are all under varying degrees of pressure to perform to the best of our abilities.

Emotional intelligence I believe, is the ability to understand and manage one’s own thinking, emotions and behaviours, as well as understand and influence the emotions and behaviours of others, in ways that promote good communicating and performance in the work place.

I teach people how to harmonize emotions, by connecting to their body intelligence. I employ my psychology background with my intuitive abilities to enable each one to go to their next step where ever they are on their path.

My studies of religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Theosophy, Catholic studies and Yoga, have given me insights and understanding into the human soul and the realization that there is no religion higher than truth.

This has led me to gain inner strength and inner peace and is a platform from which I teach. I have developed a Life Balance and Relaxation program with techniques to incorporate mind – body rejuvenation. Which I have written about in my book “The Orgasmic Effect” and its sequel “Longer Lasting Mastery” that addresses how to use our energy on all the levels and how to effectively release blockages from our past and childhood conditioning.

I have worked with small businesses, corporate engineering companies, groups, individuals, in seminars, with children and quadriplegics.

I see clients from many varied backgrounds : doctors, lawyers, artists,  therapists, life coaches, entrepreneurs, mums dads and teenagers, directors and C.E.O’s .

I consider myself as having a healthy well-being, and ability to understand peoples thinking, feelings and the impact these have on their behaviour and decisions in their life.

“Understanding your lessons, gives you insight into the circumstances of your life and gives you ability to recognize that you can, take charge and take the necessary steps to change your life. From having things happen to you, to taking control, and MAKING LIFE HAPPEN”.